Nintendo tapping into mobile markets with Miiitomo & MyNintendo

Nintendo sees potential in the cell phone and online outlets so they decided to tap into this with Miiitomo, which has been a huge success in Japan since it’s released. It will finally arrive on Apple and Android devices in the United States and European regions this Thursday the 31st.  If you are interested in checking out why Miiitomo is a huge success, consider pre-registering for the application. That could be found at this link. Miiitomo is advertised to be “a new way to bring you and your friends together like never before.” This makes me think that it is an app that will be similar to Line or another type of chat app. Regardless, I am interested to see what this app brings for the future of Nintendo’s approach to gaming on mobile phones.


The second part of this is that in order to preregister for Miiitomo, it is recommended to use your MyNintendo account. MyNintendo is their answer for having a Digital storefront for all their games for purchase on mobile and PC devices. This is similar to Sony’s online PlayStation store and Xbox’s online store. Individuals will be able to navigate to this site and purchase their games from it. After purchase, it will send the download to the console/handheld for download (if in standby/sleep mode). This is also the replacement to ClubNintendo which stopped July of last year. Nintendo gamers earn reward points in exchange for cool merchandise, free games, and digital funds to their Nintendo Account.  Nintendo decided to step their game up in this aspect. You can also preregister for MyNintendo here. I did the process, it was quick and painless. It took about 5 minutes, and all I did was register MyNintendo account to my Nintendo Network account.

New things are on the horizon for Nintendo. This is only just the beginning.

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