How to save more space on SNES Classic with Pngyu!

So, all in all, you can add SNES ROMs to your SNES Classic with a pretty high compatibility. Now you have the hundred or so games that you want on the device, but what about logical space for save states? It only seems fair that you get to have every great SNES game that you love with its gorgeous box art and have space to have save states! Well today we have a way that RetroVortex figured out that will get you some more free space, and it should be perfect for your saves!

SNES Classic

The way he discovered to save space is simple, by compressing the images of the box art. And since you have a lot of box art, there is plenty of room to be saved. You’re going to want to download the program called Pngyu for PC/Mac, you can find the link for that here. The instructions that the user shared are pretty straightforward. He has 180 SNES games on his SNES Classic Mini and doing the following steps saved him some space.

‘Use this [Pngyu], point it to your games_snes folder [inside of hakchi2 program folder].

Now click the Cross (plus symbol) button and search for .png in the popup window and ctrl+a all the pngs that show up

Convert them all in one go. And voila: you saved a few megs.

I saved 12mb doing this. 184 games: 167.9/196 space used. Every little helps.

Heck, I compressed them again and saved another 1.2mbs. 
Got about 30mb of free space now. Need to keep a little back for savestates and stuff right guys?’

So as you can see, you should concentrate on adding the games you love first into Hakchi2, then have it search for the box art. After that, you can let a program save you some space!

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