PS4 BadIRET kernel exploit leaked?

Today someone leaked a PS4 BadIRET kernel exploit and at the moment there really isn’t much info to go on, but CturtE seem to have cleared the air a little bit about this leak.

Leaked BadIRETbadIRET

What does this mean for the end user? Well, nothing at the moment as you would need some programming skills to utilize the leak and a PS4 probably on 1.76FW too. The only thing this does is set the scene back a little bit as it can create conflicts and trust issues among dev’s.

PS4 kernel exploit-1.76

About a month ago I was digging around the net and also found an elf file that said it’s a kernel exploit for 1.76FW but I have no way to test if it’s real or just a fake file floating around on the net. So I never bought it up on the blog or asked anyone if it was real.  You can download both files below to play around with but for most of us, these files won’t do anything for you.

Download: 1.76FW Kernel Exploit  

Download: BadIRET Kernel Exploit

What’s your take on leaks? Do they help or hurt any scene trying to make something for the public, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Stuff like this is more of a problem then useful. As stated causes trust issues and slows progress. When there are trust issues devs don’t like to share in fear of just what happened. More hands on deck means faster progress. And also as stated not useful for 99% of all users and the ones that it is useful for could most likely achieve this on their own

  2. it’s real and more stolen then a leak. and no it only hurts, first it is unfinished second it hase no single use for the end user and it’s not like that no info was released so that no dev that know what he is doing could redo it. it’s only for thoes who can’t code and have no clue about the PS4. So which sense have this release ?
    Beside the fact if some guy digg to deep and release some infos he could fuck up the complete hacking scene in case of he gives Sony the chance to patch fancy freaking cool stuff so that no one ever will see a modded FW nor pirated games on a FW higher then 1.76.
    Where is the help or the sense of this release ? Oh yea booting Linux is for sure what all thoes end-user’s are waiting for 😉

    • hackinformer

      Yeah, I hate seeing these type of things no matter how it happens. Just like the PS1 loader being leaked and it was not ready yet as we had it playing homebrew via PS1, installing etc.. and not needing TN-V at all. So I agree with you as I hate seeing things like this.

  3. Well i personal think this is the whorst release ever in the console hacking history. The thing for PS1 was, even if it was a dick move, there was room left for other stuff which did happen then. But here for the PS4 it is a bit diff. We, still, till today have no single “normal” hack for the PS3 which is not based from ground up on Sony’s own backdoor. On PS4 they have gone with the secu even future (yea no wonder what else would have some one expect). Well even if till today on PS3 we have no “real” hack that is not based on Sony’s own backdoor, we have a way on the PS4 into the System. But that’s all. AMD’s SAMU is strong and for what i let told me, we mostly won’t hack it the next 10 or 20 years. Don’t know. Point is SAMU is strong and there is no way to hack it. Which means in other words: We will never be able in this gen to get FW dependend keys out of the console. That must not mean the end BUT if now some new commers popp up that don’t speak with the guys allready there since years and simple do their thing and release it, it could propably mean the end of hacking of PS4 FW’s higher then 1.76.
    And now i ask, like i allready did to some other peoples, how many of us have a PS4 under or till 1.76 so they could make use of Homebrew, modded FW or pirated games ?
    Well we then would have some nice hacks till, as sayed FW 1.76 but that’s all then. And to 99,99% there are not much other ways if not no other way. Sure normally we say: “There is always a way” and normally or most times it is true…but again just to compare….till today no real hack for PS3 that is not based on Sony’s backdoor. How much other ways on the PS4 then we right now can use may are there else ?
    These guy AK47 and the user’s really can’t understand how bad this leak is/was. Also in case i can’t tell here all in public, which would help everyone to understand this stand. But for what i have seen in this more then 10 years, this is really THE whorst leak ever.

  4. My exploit implementation has been online on github since January 🙂
    Stop supporting these whiny theatrics and non-release policies for no good reason.

  5. You have no clue what you talking but what ever you claim to have you exploit implementation on github. why wasn’t there somehting on the Web or in the Scene ?
    So please if you simple have no clue what you talking or whats going on behind doors just be quite.
    And by the way you master hacker with your own implementation…where are your kernel patches ?
    Why you even need me or any one else to release their work ?
    And also don’t fuck with me if you don’t know who i am.
    I was one of the guys behind the C2D release, one of the last man standing to fight for the user you idiot. Go home into your cave and draw some pictures onto the wall before you attack the person that worked for you guys.

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