Proof Of Concept: PS4 Menu Mod by Senaxx

Lately, there has been some PS4 screenshots floating around the web that show the home menu being changed. eXtreme has shared a screenshot of the PS4 Menu Mod by Senaxx, and I for one am super geeked about this.

For those of you that don’t know Senaxx, he has been working with the PS4 and has been using Ubuntu Linux on 1.76fw, and has found a way to make the first menu mod.

Here is another picture courtesy of fx0day.

Senaxx found the database file and was able to edit it, kind of like the way we all could with the PSVita/PSTV and the email hack back in Fw3.52.CfcAn0eUYAATFIg.jpg large

Now this only works on a PS4 running 1.76 FW but still an awesome stuff if you ask me and I want to thanks Senaxx for sharing this find and tutorial which you can find it here.

Thanks for reading and as always I keep doing it for the love of the game.

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  1. Interesting what could come of this, maybe we can get something like the bubble exploit from ps vita on the ps4? haha that would be awesome for PS2 classics but we still need a way to get the game on there.

  2. this could lead to all kinds of cool stuff there just needs to be more people working together to make it happen. It is a awesome step to fun and joy of all types.

  3. I wonder if Mm would even boot?

    and what can happen if we managed to get Ark or tNV on ps4?

    • The ps4 uses different binaries then that of the ps3 or ps vita so there’s no chance of any of it working here, we can however do some of the things the vita can like custom themes or maybe bubbles etc but actually loading a psp or ps3 eboot file can only be done through emulation.

  4. so, can we play pirated games on ps4 or not yet?

  5. Nope not yet..

  6. They are in the menu at the top..