RXTools nightlies cancelled & Arm9LoaderHax Support coming SOON

Yes, Developer Lavanoid cancelled making rxtools nightlies after his VPS server fucked up again and he experienced data loss for the third time now and that’s why he had enough of it. For now, you will have to use RXTools official releases or you will need to compile rxtools nightly’s for yourself.

“I have cancelled the production of rxTools nightlies as I am fed up of fixing the VPS all the time.

My providers node fucked up and my VPS went along with it. I have suffered data loss more than 3 times now and I’ve had enough of it.

The admin supposedly restored a “backup” but it was dodgy.. PHP is FUCKED and so is cronjobs.

You have no idea how much time I have spent on this project and yet it always goes to waste thanks to some bullshit.

Want rxTools? Build it yourself, rely on someone else or wait for a proper release (I know, been ages hasn’t it?). There are alternative utilities anyway.”


As for another part, Developer 173210 announced that Arm9LoaderHax Support will be coming to RXTools soon.

Yes, soon is a very vague description (and those of us who ever used a Gateway card or still use it should know this too well) on when it will be happening but until then you can use AuReiNand together with Arm9LoaderHax or wait until RXTools with Arm9LoaderHax will get released and keep your current setup. What do you think of this development? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: LxrdXO, 173210 lavanoid

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  1. Oh boy can’t wait for arm9 soon ™

  2. 3rd time lmao

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