NX software kits being distributed!

Good day fellow gaming enthusiasts! It seems Nintendo is now distributing the Software Kits for it’s latest platform that’s yet to be fully revealed, The Nintendo NX.


This gives way to suggestion that it may be released as early as next year! Sources say the kit may include a console and at least one mobile unit. This gives way to my suspicions that Nintendo has done something I’ve been saying needed to be done for years. We have been in desperate need of a console that is also portable. Having a unit that connects to the TV while also having a detachable “handheld” to carry with you, while sporting the same exact power.

Nintendo came close the last time with the WiiU but it had to be in range of the base. This may in fact be one of the most ground-breaking technologies we’ve seen in years!

It seems that with the criticism of the WiiU’s capabilities not matching competition, Nintendo is aiming to put state of the art chips in the NX.



The above image is only an artist rendering as the console has not been revealed yet, but it does look cool.

Keep your eyes peeled for future updates! As always Happy Gaming!!

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  1. I don’t care how much this thing will cost but if it can pack some decent power possibly even comparing close to that of the ps vita while running portable i’m all sold!

  2. Nintendo region policy

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