PSVita: SNES9XVITA V1.0.0 for Rejuvenate

Skogaby brings a new update to the Snes9xVITA 1.0.0 port. We are surprised how great this port works, with it being a native emulator for the PSVita, because the quality has also really improved the graphical interface for this emulator and with some big improvements to the features too .


Remember that this work is based on the Snes9x 1.52 (Snes9xNext) emulator


  • Support 333MHz and 444MHz.
  • The screen size is now configurable.
  • Controls are configurable.
  • It also has save state.
  • Jumping Frames and limit (limit Frame and Frame skipping).
  • Supports taking screen (Screenshot).
  • Vsync is configurable.
  • The FPS counter is configurable.
  • The sound output is also configurable.

SNES9XVITA controls v1.0.0

SNES9XVITA v1.0.0 settings

With this new version you can run the games at fullspeed using 444MHz.

How to use it:

This new version requires:

– Download snes9xvita.elf and run it using Rejuvenate, just like always.

– Use Vita FTP to transfer your ROMs folder cache0: / VitaDefilerClient / Documents /

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  1. So, have we reached the point where SNES on Rejuvenate is better in performance than on PSP / eCFW?

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