JPN: Himoto! Umaru-chan Himoto Ikusei Keikaku coming to the PSVita this December

Published by FuRyu, Himoto! Umaru-chan Himoto Ikusei Keikaku is an upcoming PS Vita title based on the hot Japanese Manga Himouto! Umaru-chan! Players will experience both the simulation and visual novel gameplay in this title as well as full voiceover of heroines by the original anime voice actors!himoto-umaruchan-himoto-ikusei-keikaku-418301.3

Players will play as Umaru’s elder brother Taihei to help Umaru-chan to get rid of the bad habits. Umaru has a perfect girl image in public while a totally lazy girl at home living with her unique “Himoto” lifestyle. She transforms into her lazy slouch chib-form as soon as she gets home; potato chips, cola, Manga, video games are all her necessities for life. One day, Taihei feels that it is time to give Umaru some training courses to give her a balance in life…

Players need to use their wits to take care of all the knowledge, game, exercise, housework indexes of Umaru-chan in the game and level up as the time goes by. As well, the newly designed storyline will let players make various decision during Umaru’s social life and different decisions will surely lead to different endings!himoto-umaruchan-himoto-ikusei-keikaku-418301.4

This game will have both standard and limited editions. The later one will also include a special booklet with illustrations from series main creator Sankaku Head, an official drama CD, a bath poster, DLC (an original Idol costume), four alternate pieces of cover art and a special box for the package.

Pre-order bonus includes a DLC for Swimsuit Santa costume while supplies last.

Release Date: December 3, 2015 [JPN]

Himoto! Umaru-chan Himoto Ikusei Keikaku

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