How to Install Psplink and plugin on the PSP


Install Psplink as a plugin in PSP

Psplink can be used like any other plugin for PSP. Obviously we can only use psplink as a plugin a PSP that has CFW, we can use it as plugin in both VSH and in game, so you can debug in the XMB and in games.

PSPLink have many versions but the newer(OFW 1.5+) is located in “Release_oe” folder.
In “Release_oe” folder locate psplink.prx, copy to the seplugins folder.
Add this PRX plugin on the PSP as a VSH and/or GAME plugin.

ms0:/seplugins/psplink.prx 1


ms0:/seplugins/psplink.prx 1

Now copy the usbhostfs.prx to seplugins folder we don’t need to add it as a plugin, but it must be present, since it makes use psplink.

Running psplink

I will describe an example of using it as plugin in the XMB (in game works the same).

On the PC, run usbhostfs_pc in a terminal with full permissions (as root on Linux and Mac, as an administrator in Windows).
Pspsh in another terminal run with normal user permissions.
Running pspsh, usbhostfs_pc terminal we have to display multiple messages async Accepted connection from
Assuming that we have it installed as plugin in PSP, connect it via USB and turn it on.
Now we see that in the terminal appears “host0 pspsh>” and a cursor waiting our orders.
We are ready to use psplink.

NOTE: Windows users should also install a PSP Type B driver before you can use this. The driver is located in the release_oe/pc/windows/driver.
NOTE: if you do not work, try adding plugin usbhostfs.prx as well and try again.


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