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fail0verflow Releases ShofEL2 and Nintendo Switch Linux

Holy Moly readers! If you’re not already aware of the torrent of Switch modding news over the last 24 hours, don’t worry. Just know that there is a lot and we’re here to help you decipher it all. Just as a warning before getting into talking about the deep stuff …

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Stargate 3DS Coming September 2017!!

Another flash card contender for the 3DS has apparently entered the ring, its called the Stargate 3DS! Who is bringing this to us and why now in a time where CFW can fill most if not all of our needs, also why does it look so damn familiar? Stargate 3DS does …

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Android: Tapjacking is Back on Marshmallow

Tapjacking, an ‘exploit’ that used overlays on android to display an attractive page/ fake UI to trick users into downloading malicious apps, visiting unwanted sites, etc This had been widely used since around 2012 till Android Marshmallow came with permissions, and also not allowing you to interact with dialogues if a …

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