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Hardware Review: PRODIGY (Capture Device) from Behar Bros

In a first for our little site out in this distant corner of the world wide web, we’re going to cover the PRODIGY from Behar Bros. We’re going to attempt to do it justice and you’re going to learn a lot today. So let’s talk all about this new capture …

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Pre E3-Devolver Digital Announcements

The continuation of the Devolver Digital story that started a couple of years ago is here! Let’s talk about what Devolver announced or didn’t announce or whatever status quote breaking they’ve went with this time around. Don’t worry, I’ve got the video down below at the bottom of the article …

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Support PixelGirl’s 24 Hour Charity Gaming Stream!

Pixel Girl is a streamer across the pond in the UK who, every year has a 24 hour streaming marathon of gaming. 2018 will be no different for her as she does this for charity to help out others. We’re putting up this article to raise awareness for her great …

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