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Holiday Gifts for TWiLight Users

2022 has been officially rang in and the scene has brought it’s own share of surprises. From the PS4 with plenty to do on a 9.0.0 jailbreak (like seriously, you can do them right now) to a new release from RocketRobz. If you own a Nintendo handheld that has two …

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How To: Flash a Custom Firmware onto the R4s Dongle

Recently we reviewed the R4s dongle. The dongle was the first of its kind to hit the market. It’s essentially a blank Switch dongle that let’s you run your favorite custom firmware on the go. So, how do you get that custom firmware on the dongle? I’ve got that information …

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Review: R4s Dongle for Nintendo Switch

Today’s review features a newer dongle that is now on the market. We’re reviewing the R4s Dongle from R4i ($19.99). What does it bring to the table? Does it have any major flaws? Maybe it’s the savior that you’ve all been waiting for? Let’s talk about all of that! Description …

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