3DS: New Flashcard R4i-B9S comes pre-flashed for easy CFW installation

Team R4 is at it again jumping on the hype train of NTRBoot which allows users to install CFW on ANY 3DS on ANY Firmware. For this, to work all you need is a magnet and a flashcard with a specially prepared bootrom which then launches a payload from the SD. With the current methods, you would need to own a compatible flashcard which there aren’t too many just yet and then be able to patch the bootrom of the flashcard so it can be used for NTRBoot. Team R4 wants to make this super easy and straightforward process by releasing a flashcard which is pre-flashed with NTRBoot and can be easily used to install Luma3DS on any 3DS.

The card is already available for around $19.50 with discount at resellers which is around the price of an AceKard2i with the difference that you would still need to flash NTRBoot to an AceKard2i. I could not find any other information if this R4i can still be used for NDS Games while it is used for NTRBoot.

Seeing that they have a bundle with an 8GB SDCard (and a magnet?) it could be, but looking at other R4i cards we can’t be sure. If you have another NDS Flashcard that you can use it to play NDS Games or you don’t plan to play NDS Games at all then you can safely get this card, but if you also want to play some NDS Games then I would advise getting any other supported Flashcard for NTRBoot.

The Team behind the R4 also offers a Guide to installing Boot9strap, setting up Luma3DS and converting 3DS Games to .cia but for installing Boot9strap I would still recommend 3ds.guide as it is frequently updated with the latest information and tools.

If you would like to take a look at the Guide you can find it here.

You can find card resellers here.

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  1. Very informative article, i might go out and buy a 3DS soon as they are cheap these days just to try this out :3 fortunately the R4i-B9S pre-flashed are only $20 but the unfortunate part is the shipping unless you want the basically 1 month shipping (witch is free) your going to be charged anywhere from $26-$37 for 3-5 day shipping (Honestly just cost less for shipping) anyways i will still buy it im just going to have to wait a month for delivery ;(

  2. I seen them for less than a total of $15.00 try searching those cards are cheap in every angle of the word lol.

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