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HowTo: Install ‘hShop’ the ‘FreeShop’ Alternative for 3DS.

For those who have been in the 3DS scene for a while, you may have been aware of the homebrew application called FreeShop. It’s for those with a modded 3DS who need to download games from the eShop. There are several legal reasons why someone would want to do this, …

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FreeShop and the Dilemma of updating Games with a banned Switch

Yes, I believe many of us who own a Switch had it happen to themselves sooner or later that it got banned for running a CFW, messing with Homebrew Forwarders and other gimmicks. Back in the 3DS Era, this wasn’t much of a problem since even if you’ve been banned …

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More Information about Nintendos recent 3DS Banwave & it doesn’t look good

As we reported yesterday Nintendo is currently doing a pretty big and widespread Banwave against 3DS Users with CFW. Over the Night a bit more Information has been gathered as to why the bans could happen. There is still a lot of speculations regarding the cause of the Bans but …

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