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HowTo: Install ‘hShop’ the ‘FreeShop’ Alternative for 3DS.

For those who have been in the 3DS scene for a while, you may have been aware of the homebrew application called FreeShop. It’s for those with a modded 3DS who need to download games from the eShop. There are several legal reasons why someone would want to do this, …

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Switch: ‘A Dark Room’ removed from eShop after being revealed to contain a Ruby Interpreter & Code Editor as an Easter egg

Introduction I wanted to wait a few days to see how this story developed so this may be slightly late. A Dark Room has been removed from the Nintendo Switch eShop, but can still be purchased on iOS and Android for $1.99. There’s also a free web browser version which …

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Rumble Tumble time lets have a Happy Fight Day!!

Have you already planned your weekend? We did, with so many new titles to try, we’ll hold some big tournaments with the hottest fighting game around! Thanks to the special “Rumble, Tumble, Cuddle” campaign you can experience the mightiest digital battles at a very special price! Are you ready? It’s …

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eShop and Theme Shop Access on New 3DS FW9.0-9.2 sysNAND/emuNAND

Credits go to Yifan Lu, felipejfc, hartie95, rednaxelannamtra and Roxas75 for their astounding development in the 3DS scene. Free Multi Patcher is developed from multiple projects and research. This brilliant piece of software  allows you access the eShop on FW9.0 – 9.2. Whats more exciting, is you can launch this …

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