3DS: yellows8’s ctr-httpwn exploit gives older FW online access again

Yellow8 has just released this ctr-httpwn exploit that gives a lot of FW’s online access, meaning eshop, DLC, etc. Now if you haven’t downgraded yet and using one of the cfw to do emunands to have online access, then this will definitely come in hand. If you like to downgrade your 3ds check out this guide. Here’s the quick rundown on ctr-httpwn exploit from yellow8.


Do not use this from Old3DS-browserhax. Do not use this when the system date is not set correctly(like with the browser-version-check bypass). Do not run this app more than once when ctr-httpwn is already active under the sysmodule.

Just run the app, then if a successful return to hbmenu. For using the system eShop application on <10.0.0-X, you must use HANS-eShop included with the homebrew starter-kit(this should be the one updated on March 20, 2016, or later). For everything else, and for using system-eShop-app on >=v10.0.0-X, you can just return to Home Menu from hbmenu. This can be done by pressing the START button, then use the option for returning to Home Menu without rebooting(you can use HANS if you really want to, except for eShop on >=10.4.0-X, returning to Home Menu is not required).

When using HANS-eShop on a very old system-version such as 9.6.0-X, eShop-app may display an error the first time. Returning to hbmenu then running HANS-eShop again fixes this issue caused(?) by friends-service. You’ll have to repeat this every time you boot into *hax payloads for using HANS-eShop.

In some rare(?) cases, during eShop startup it may unexpectedly start some sort of NNID-related(?) setup(unknown, NNID was mentioned in the Japanese text on a JPN New3DS at least) even though a NNID has been linked a long while. There’s no known way to definitely reproduce this. There doesn’t appear to be any other affects(eShop/elsewhere) once fully loaded into eShop however

Download: ctr-httpwn

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  1. Great Application, but it appears it doesn’t work with FW 9.2. I tried many times and doesn’t allow you. It shows HTTP sysmodule version (v12288) is not supported.

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