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Hardware Review: Wii2HDMI Adapter from Electron Shepherd

Electron Shepherd are not a new company. I’m not sure how long they’ve been around, but they look to be dabbling in the gaming space. I think that this is a great idea since they have creative products/solutions. We all like having more options, especially in the gaming space. Today, …

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Review: EON Super 64 for Nintendo 64

EON Gaming had been teasing a new product for their site and everyone in the retro video game scene was teeming with excitement. It wasn’t long until EON announced that their newest product was the Super 64 for the Nintendo 64. Fast forward to today and we have finally gotten …

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New Product from EON Gaming! (Details Inside)

EON Gaming had been teasing a new product for their site and I could hardly contain my excitement! They really know how to promote themselves and their products. So what this article is, is my live account through to the end where they actually announce what it is they’re bringing …

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Review: New CARBY Revision from Insurrection Industries

Just when you thought that what we had for HDMI adapters in the Gamecube scene was good enough, companies continue to step up to the plate. One such company is Insurrection Industries and they’re up to bat today in our review of the newest revision of their CARBY product. So …

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EON Releases the GCHD MK-II!

EON keeps on leading the way in HD retro gaming with it’s new Mark II! This all comes on the heels of its overwhelming success of its flagship product, the GCHD. EON has given us the scoop that they’re announcing their next product. This product is designed to take high …

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Review of the Eon GCHD, HDMI Adapter for Gamecube

As we march further along in time, there are artifacts that linger from the past. One such magnificent relic is the Nintendo Gamecube. If you want to play the Gamecube on a modern HDTV you’ll find that there are a couple of officially supported methods. You can use composite that …

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