What happen to the PlayStop Network?


What is the PlayStop Network it is a homebrew version of PSN. It allows you to download VHBL and CEF (TN-V) Homebrew, Emulators and Application, that ready to be transferred right to your psvita with open cma. It is every similar to PSN, only on your PC but downloading homebrews and etc.. is not the main feature, you can also chat with people using this app.

Now the team behind the construction of the PlayStop Network app realizes what a hassle it can be to look for all your Homebrew, Emulators and Application need’s. So they created a Windows based portal in an attempt to consolidate all of that annoying work for you within one main functional hub.

The creators have no time for it anymore with life getting in the way like always :). So they would like to pass the App on to whoever would like to pick it up and finish what they have start .  Here are the Source code files and he left a movie streamer code in here too, which is not finished yet. So, if you want or can help the psp and psvita scene, this would be a great opportunity  Good luck to anyone who would like to give it a shoot


                                                                                          Download Source Code files

A word from the Creator

Hello, my name is John (or Jmqm), the creator of PlayStop Network, along-side SMOKE & DS_Marine.

First off, I would like to thank hackinformer for creating this article.

So, the following source codes are for the PlayStop Network MLauncher, PlayStop Network 1.12 and what was supposed to be the upcoming Net Apex HD 1.13. I wanted to finish this project, I told myself that 1.13 was going to be the final release but I couldn’t complete it. Since I’m in High School (Grade 9 to be exact), I couldn’t find free time between school and gaming (+YouTube), so I am passing this along to someone who has extra time and who would like to learn from it and maybe complete it for me.

There is also a movie streamer source code in there which I didn’t complete BUT I did on another project. Although I think it only works with sockshare & putlocker, not sure. If you want it, contact me.

If you are going to be using my source code, please leave some credit for my team.

P.S. The codes are “noobish” because I started coding at 10 years old and haven’t had any professional coder teach me, I taught myself how to code.

If you need some help with the source code or anything for that matter, contact me at my YouTube Channel – Next-Gen Gaming or JMQM_Official@hotmail.com.

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I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.