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How to Use h-encore on 3.65, 3.67, and 3.68 Vitas

Recently, we all got great news from TheFlow stating that he planned on a July release date for his next set of releases. Feel free to read about all of the details concerning that if you’d like. We then got to see the very same man demonstrate for us how …

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Release date set to July for new Vita hack with FW3.65/3.68 support

A few days ago TheFlow announced that he would be releasing his new hack sometime in September, well that has changed again and now he will release it on July 1, 2018 already!! Since this will not be a WebKit exploit like back from the 3.60 release, this time you’ll need to …

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Should You Update Your 3.61+ FW Vita?

You just bought a Vita and it’s on a firmware that doesn’t really do something. Let’s say it’s already on 3.67, you do a quick google search and you find that that does nothing for you in way of mods. You wonder to yourself, “So…should I just update then all …

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PSVita update 3.68 is out & what does it block!!

The PSVita has just got another firmware update to 3.68 once again this is just another useless update for PSVita/PSTV owners. So does this update block anything that worked the previous FW? The answer to that is no, this update does not block custom themes, PSTV Whitelist hack, VHBL, or the pboot bubbles, all of them …

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