Release date set to July for new Vita hack with FW3.65/3.68 support

A few days ago TheFlow announced that he would be releasing his new hack sometime in September, well that has changed again and now he will release it on July 1, 2018 already!!

Since this will not be a WebKit exploit like back from the 3.60 release, this time you’ll need to have a memory card! But fear not you’ll also be able to use the internal memory card feature of SlimVita’s & the PlayStationTV.

Also, this release will support firmware 3.65 & 3.68 and “you will have the ability to install ENSO on 3.65″. For 3.68 a reactivation of the HEN will be needed after each reboot just like in the early HENkaku days!

If you are still on the fence about updating, TheFlow has said this many of times…


3.61 / 3.63 – manually update to 3.65 and stay there!

3.67 – update to 3.68 now


We’ll keep you updated!

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