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PSVita update 3.68 is out & what does it block!!

The PSVita has just got another firmware update to 3.68 once again this is just another useless update for PSVita/PSTV owners.


So does this update block anything that worked the previous FW? The answer to that is no, this update does not block custom themes, PSTV Whitelist hack, VHBL, or the pboot bubbles, all of them still work just fine on FW 3.68.

If anything this FW update is just a way of trying to block the Flow next release for 3.67 or block PSN access. So if you are waiting for the next chance to use Henkaku/ENSO I would advise not to update your PSVita and wait for The Flow to confirm that it does not block anything he is working on. We will update this post with any new info that becomes available.

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