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PSVita: Downgrading Firmware FINALLY possible!

After almost 7 years since the Vita’s launch in 2012 and thanks to @theflow0 it is FINALLY possible to downgrade your Vita’s firmware safe- and easily! Here is: modoru – 戻る – “to go back” (japanese)It has been the missing puzzle piece some might say and it surely was about …

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How to Use h-encore on 3.65, 3.67, and 3.68 Vitas

Recently, we all got great news from TheFlow stating that he planned on a July release date for his next set of releases. Feel free to read about all of the details concerning that if you’d like. We then got to see the very same man demonstrate for us how …

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Release date set to July for new Vita hack with FW3.65/3.68 support

A few days ago TheFlow announced that he would be releasing his new hack sometime in September, well that has changed again and now he will release it on July 1, 2018 already!! Since this will not be a WebKit exploit like back from the 3.60 release, this time you’ll need to …

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PSVita: Whats going on, VitaShell ported to FW3.67?

A few days ago Team Molecule/yifanlu released part of an article, on the state of things with the PSVita, it’s a really good read and advice you to check it out here. It basically states that everything they worked on still kind of works on the PSVita but like anything with …

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All PlayStation TV Hacks for FW3.65

Because of the PlayStation TV’s lack of Vita’s touchscreen, rear touchpad, microphone, camera and motion sensors, Sony blacklisted a large number of games that used these features. These included Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified, Gravity Rush, and Tearaway. If a player inserted a Vita game card …

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