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Sony’s E3 Plans Leaked

With only a month left until E3, it looks like Sony E3 plans have been leaked by a inside source. They have leaked some important information that outlines every aspect of their E3 conference. The information includes Uncharted, The Order, Guerrilla Game’s new project and a whole lot more, read …

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KoalaVita’s Region Bypass Hack

The PSVita hacking scene has just exited the eCFW phase and entered some new and exciting territory thanks to a new hacker on the scene. His name is Koala and him and his crew, have managed to sign apps from different regions to work on regions they weren’t intended for. …

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PSVita Firmware 3.XX Kexploit Drama

Well it was bound to happen, in a scene already laden with drama, news has surfaced of a kexploit running TN-V on firmware 3.12. My thoughts on the subject? Who cares right now. First off, 3.10-12 was only released like a month ago which patched the kexploit that TN-V was …

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Sony Giveith & Sony Taketh Away!

Two days ago, PS Vita fans around the globe were jumping for joy, as it was discovered that many PSP/PS1 games that were previously unavailable for download, directly to the Vita system, were suddenly and mysteriously available. PS1 games such as Metal Gear Solid and the Crash Bandicoot series, along …

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