PSVita: ONEMenu now Universal thanks to gdljjrod


Just yesterday we share a quick video of the ONEMenu working on a VHBL bubble and at the time we still needed to do a little more testing. Thanks to gdjllrod, he has made a new, universal ONEMenu that will work with ARK, TN-V, and now VHBL.

How do you get it to work? Well, it’s very simple. Just place the ONEMenu file in your VHBL game save (whatever exploit you are using to launch VHBL) then tranfer it via CMA. That’s it… now just launch VHBL!

Now then, when you use the ONEMenu it can see all the directories but only homebrew and emulators work. This is just a friendly reminder that VHBL is USERMODE and can not play ISO backups even it you can see the directory. If you have any problems please tells us in the comments below.

Installation: You must place all files in the SAVEDATA folder of your exploit for the ONEMenu. It’s where you have your VHBL or ARK2 exploit files. Then transfer them with Cma on the PSvita and launch the VHBL or ARK2 exploit an you will see the new ONEMenu..

( If you get a error, just remove this file from MS0: ONEMenu.ini. Once removed the ONEMenu will load..)

If you like gdljjrod’s ONEMenu then show a little love by making a donation to him here:


Download: Universal  ONEMenuv2.rar

Update new ONEMenu for FW 3.52: 

Download: Universal  ONEMenu Reload.rar

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  1. hello ,
    i transfer the archive in “C:\Users\windows\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA”. i run the VHBL on 3.51, and i got nothing to step up , can somoene tel me step by step how to do this please

    • do you have toukiden 3.51??? then put the files (onemenu) in folder NPJH90346_SAVEDATA….