FixtureS1 and our impressions!

Hey there Mgs2master2 here, and I am here with V1racy to bring you our impressions of the newest item we spoke about before from E3. This is the FixtureS1

Here is V1racy with his video unboxing

Some of his general impressions are as follows:



  • Great hinges.
  • Color matches pro controller.
  • Can also use it as a tabletop mode stand.
  • Slides in and stays in unless you manually remove it.
  • Longer Switch battery life since the joycons don’t pull charge from it.
  • Doesn’t hinder pressing the shoulder buttons.
  • Rubber padding in key places to protect Pro controller.
  • Rubber also makes it so the Fixture doesn’t move around in tabletop mode.
  • Has an opening so that you can access the pro controller charging port.



  • Gyro controls are difficult to run as you have to turn the entire unit. It is not really practical
  • Scary to snap the controller into the Fixture S1 as its a very tight device. It feels that it may snap or scratch in this process

All in all, V1racy loves the FixtureS1 with minimal issues.

My general impressions:

The FixtureS1 is a wonderful device. Similar to V1racy, I played around with it’s functionality. It does make for a nice kickstand if you want to use it as well. If not, you get the comfort of holding the Pro Controller while gaming in a portable setting.

Playing it in this manner too helps avoid catching the dreaded joy-con drift issue since you will not be using joycons with the unit. The FixtureS1 also grips to the Nintendo Switch tablet tightly to ensure its held in place no matter the type of moment.

I did experiment with some Gyro games (namely Zelda BOTW and its Gyro puzzles). I found it to work just as similar as if the Switch was docked, with the added exception of the screen moving with me as I move like a mad man on those pesky puzzles.

I had fun utilizing it, however, while I did enjoy it I had one issue (which honestly cannot be faulted on the developer). That is just the weight of everything and comfort for some games (naming games with touch screen features).

The weight of everything together (Switch, FixtureS1, and Pro controller) are a bit on the heavy side. While it’s comfortable holding it, you feel the actual weight behind it all. Again, that is no fault of the developer, but just something to consider.

The other issue I had is the touch screen usage of it. I found it cumbersome as some games require joycon or touch features to do certain things. Sometimes it’s simply impossible just to do it with a pro controller. It made it difficult to hold the pro controller with its added weight with one hand and use the touch screen with the other. It is possible it’s just cumbersome. Again, no fault of the developer as there are certain games just designed around those features.

The FixtureS1 though is a very practical and useful item. It would almost be the perfect way to play handheld for me if not for the weight. Regardless, I would recommend the Fixture S1 to anyone who is currently in the market for a device like this for their Nintendo Switch.

Until next time, Mgs2master2 out!

*special thanks to V1racy for joining me on this duel impressions*

*special thanks to Fixture Gaming for sending us multiple units which allowed us to do this duel hands on. Visit their twitter by clicking this link @Fixturegaming

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