Moero Crystal H – Game Review

While adventuring to a new land for a personal mission,  Zenox stumbles into a situation. Little does he know, the situation evolves into the very world’s life hanging in the balance. How and why did this happen? What are all these monster girls doing here? Find out as we take our own journey into the world of Moero Crystal H in our review! 

Moero Crystal H
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Genre: dungeon-crawling RPG
Release: September 17, 2020
Publisher: Eastasiasoft Limited
Developer: Compile Heart

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From the official E-shop page:

Recruit monster girls and retrieve the Bra of Darkness in a moe-filled dungeon RPG!

Take the role of “Lucky Pervert” Zenox as he embarks on a mission to retrieve the Bra of Darkness from a mysterious thief who’s corrupting monster girls throughout the land.

In this enhanced “Hyper” version of first-person dungeon RPG Moero Crystal, encounter and recruit more than 80 monster girls, including all previous DLC characters, in remastered HD presentation and subtitled in English for the first time!

Free the monster girls from the darkness afflicting them and win their affection through “Loving Scratch” mode. This time, “Double Scratch” can even be performed with two monster girls simultaneously!

As the story begins, you play as Zenox. He adventures to this land to find his father. During the visit, he stumbles across a robbery. The item robbed is the legendary “Bra of Darkness”. Legends say that the Bra of Darkness and Panties of Light hold the very balance of the world.

However, with the items being separated, the world is no longer able to maintain that balance and begins falling apart. Zenox and his new partners must now venture the world to find the Bra of Darkness and return it.

The story itself is not the major selling point of Moero Crystal H. The keypoint is the Monster Girls and other features of the game. Below is a list of some of those features.


• Traverse massive grid-based dungeons in a modern twist on traditional RPG exploration.

• Experience challenging yet approachable battle mechanics, with difficulty that can be adjusted mid-game.

• Store, release or insert as Zenox commands the party with his just desires!

• Climb aboard the “Funyaton-Go” in shoot’em up stages to reveal special dungeons hidden within the monster girls.

• Mix and match bras and panties to customize each monster girl’s skills and appearance.

• Feel the effects of Loving Scratches and more with HD rumble support!

• Upgrade living spaces and pair up monster girls as roommates.

• Discover intimacy events and special endings for each of the 80+ monster girls!

More of this would be elaborated in the gameplay section, which is surprisingly a well done system. Moero Crystal H and its story though is the basic save the world before it ends story.


The gameplay is done as two components. One component is the visual novel aspect. The story is delivered in this manner. The other aspect of the 1st person dungeon crawler aspect with all of the elements the genre encompasses.

The battle system is unique with some “lewd elements” to say the very least in Moero Crystal H. The player controls Zenox and his monster girls that is caught during battles (which is done in a lewd way as well). Zenox has the ability to “store” his energy and “release” it into one of the monster girls during battle, while the monster girls battle as normal RPGs do.

The “release” of energy shifts the turn of monster girls, and slightly powers them up. This allows for different strategy elements during battle. Speaking of battling, the player will encounter an unique variety of enemies. Each one seems to be a form of lewd symbolism of some kind. Additonally, players will encounter a variety of monster girls, which can be caught and added to the harem, I mean team for this journey.

When battling monster girls, they are possessed by darkness, due to being corrupted via the bra of darkness. Players must strip the clothes of the girls during battle. That is not all. After stripping the clothes of the monster girls, players must find their weak points “via love scratching” (or using the touch screen if playing portable).

Once their weak points are found, players need to rubbing the touch screen of the switch (again, while playing portability) until the darkness is rubbed out of the girls. From there, they join the team. That is not all with the girl involvements. You can do love scratching at anytime in the hotel where your girls reside. There is also other options to do there, which I will leave to the player’s imagination on this.

Regardless of the obvious lewd and fan-service content, the battle system and other elements in the game are rather unique. I can easily say there is not many other games out there that compare to it. Not only that, it is rather fun to play with a combination of all this within Moero Crystal H.

Audio and Visual

Audio-wise, the soundtrack for Moero Crystal H is repetative. There is no way around saying that, as there is not much variety to it. However, where the game shines audio-wise is the voice work and sounds. The game is Japanese dub and English sub. The voice work done is fantastic, and the other sounds in the game capture the feel of what of what the developers intended. It is well done.

Visually, Moero Crystal H looks as expected. It has a very anime look and overall anime aesthetics. It captures exactly what it sets out to do with the visuals and it is awesome on that front. It does well to capture the lewdness factor as well. The game gets really close to nudity but never goes fully nude.

Fun Factor

As I stated above, Moero Crystal H is fun. I was immersed during the dungeon crawling aspects, plus the lewd content for sure. It is also funny how they mixed up the lewd content to be core elements of the gameplay. It was well done and fun.

Replay Value

Moero Crystal H has some replay value. Multiple endings, and a lot of content to discover. Running just straight through the story will miss it.


Moero Crystal H is a unique title. Sure we had another. game in this franchise come out in the past. Those two games are cut from the same cloth. They are Unique titles and should be enjoyed.

I understand that the lewd factor would be enough to turn people off the game entirely. However, Moero Crystal H has some deep gameplay elements that are not in other games of the same genre and mix it up quite a bit. It is worth it to check it out if you are able to.

Until next time, Mgs2master2 out!

*Special Thanks to EastAsiaSoft Limited PR and Plan of Attack PR for the Nintendo Switch Review Key*

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