PSVita: HENkaku/Ensō Updater for FW3.65 released!

A few weeks ago The Flow announced he would be working on updating Henkaku/Enso to work on FW3.65/3.67. Lately, he has been porting a lot of this work, like VitaShell and others to work with Henaku/ENSO on FW3.65/3.67. Last time he talked about porting Henkaku/Enso he said it would be faster and much easier to do for FW3.65 then 3.67.

HENkaku/Ensō Updater

Now only a little bit of time has past and he has already released a HENkaku/Enso updater too FW3.65, so people using Henkaku/Enso on FW3.60 can finally update to FW3.65. You need to follow all the updaters instructions to do this update as it’s not a normal/manually update like most of us are us too. So this means those few games that are on FW3.65 you can finally play them 🙂 or get some DLC’s that might need FW3.65 too.

“This software does not allow you to hack your PSVita or PSTV using FW3.65. You need to be on FW3.60 in order to use this software.


  1. Download updater.vpk and PSP2UPDAT.PUP.
  2. If you are on a firmware below 3.60, update to 3.60 and install henkaku. Then you can skip to 4.
  3. If you are already using 3.60 HENkaku (Enso), uninstall all plugins and uninstall the enso patch. It is recommended to first unlink the Memory Card in HENkaku Settings before you uninstall, so that your Memory Card won’t be restricted afterward due to the spoofed version ux0:id.dat. Uninstalling all plugins and the enso patch is extremely important, as they can interfere with the update process if enabled (the updater will notice you in case you have not uninstalled them correctly).
  4. Install usingupdater.vpk VitaShell and put the PSP2UPDAT.PUP file at ux0:app/UPDATE365/PSP2UPDAT.PUP.
  5. Reboot your device, start HENkaku and directly launch the updater, without launching anything else before like VitaShell or Adrenaline (since they start kernel modules). Also make sure that your battery is at least at 50%.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen and enjoy the update process.
  7. When the updater finishes flashing the new firmware, custom modules will be written to vs0:tai and the bootloader hack injected to the eMMC. You should now be on 3.65 HENkaku Ensō.”

Download Files:

For more info on the updater or an FAQ, you can find it here.


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