The PS4 and Xbox One cross play bridge

PS4 and Xbox One cross play

As you all must have heard in the news buzz, Microsoft has invited Sony to join their cross-network play party. Yes, you thought correct, Xbox One and PS4 users can play together and be friends, which might possibly end the console war. This also could lead to lots and lots of stuff, some for the bad while most for the good, let me highlight a few of them for you, all may not happen but there’s a ‘teeny-tiny’ possibility for it to happen.

1) A whole new network

Microsoft and Sony could perhaps team up together to make a whole new network. Where both consoles will be like humans, look different from outside, but are the same from inside. 1 software for 2 consoles, and this could perhaps be called the ‘Playbox Live’, well it’s a wild guess.

2) Cross-Platform competitive gaming

We have many competitive gaming experience providers, such as MLG, and these providers could perhaps switch to the cross-platform format, which would welcome more gamers, and could have many benefits.

3) Microsoft and Sony could make a collab console

This is very unlikely to happen but fingers crossed! Maybe for the next generation, Sony and Microsoft could make a console like ‘xStation’. That sounded weird, but it’s another wild guess. Sony and Microsoft can surely do wonders together!

Let us know your opinions in the comments below if Sony would accept this, and if they do, what miracles do you think can happen.


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  1. sorry sir but i think your dreaming about a collap or coop ^^

    Sony will for sure not work together with MS after the HD-DVD fiasco. 😛

    • True, just dreaming, but think about such things is fun! And you you’re correct, Sony won’t do it :P. But fingers crossed you know.

  2. Play together is very cool… to force people to pay (PS+ XBOX Gold) is not so cool…Next step is to force also pc player to pay for online matches….

  3. vert and noire together? thats another dimension