The World’s Thinnest 0.01 mm Full-Color Flexible Display

Royole Corporation has some exciting news that I just know you’ll all love. Today I’m here to show you the future of digital displays thanks in large part to the amazing team at Royole Corporation.

 Royole Corporation, founded in 2012, develops innovative digital display technologies and products. The company also provides IP licensing and solutions associated with display applications. Royole’s mission is to create the highest quality electronic applications utilizing proprietary digital display technology.

Royole has operations in Silicon Valley, USA, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. The company is led by a team of technologists from top research institutes around the globe and is backed by leading venture capitalists including IDG Capital Partners and Shenzhen Capital Group. Three years since its inception, Royole has filed hundreds of patents and is valued at more than USD $1 billion – making it one of the few ‘unicorn’ start-ups in the world.

Now I’m sure some of you may have heard of them before but as for the rest of you here are a few examples.

  • The World’s Thinnest 0.01 mm Full-Color Flexible Display


Flexible display offers many advantages over conventional display technology: ultra-thin, lightweight, bendable, portable, shatterproof, unbreakable and low energy, etc. Royole’s flexible displays will have profound implications for next generation electronics by enabling brand new form factors and applications.

  • New Sensor Material For Unsurpassed Flexibility Flexible Touch Sensors 


Royole develops and manufactures proprietary low-cost, high-performance, high-throughput flexible touch sensors. Compared with conventional touch sensor fabrications, Royole’s technological advances gives it advantageous cost efficiencies with respect to equipment, materials, and processes.  Its touch sensors are ultra-thin, lightweight, bendable, portable, shatterproof, unbreakable, and enable sleek design. While only in production this year, Royole’s flexible touch sensor technology already has profound implications for future user interfaces, enabling new form factors for mobile devices and electronic applications. Royole’s flexible sensor panels offer the compelling value proposition of low cost, short production cycle, and the highest quality performance.

Royole Corporation started mass production of its flexible touch panels in July 2015. We offer customers a wide range of customized touch screen products and solutions and we can fulfill short lead times/high production volumes.

  • New sensor material
  • Novel sensor patterning process with reduced complexity and cost
  • Ultra-thin (down to 10~20 µm) and flexible
  • Very competitive price-performance ratio
  • Compatibility with various touch panel structures
  • Unlimited panel size
  • Multi-point touch capability (5~10 points)
  • Already in mass production

Now the future has a lot ahead for us tech fans, and I for one am happy to be alive in such a wonderful time of stellar research and development.

Royole Corporation is one company to watch out for with their intuitive design and groundbreaking creativity they will be a leader of how we look into the future of visual greatness.

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