PS3 COBRA v.7.20 Updater by 0_obeWAN

Developer  0_obeWAN  and with help from Joonie, Habib, KW, Dean, Nzv, Aldo and BitsBubba made a COBRA 7.20 Updater package for selected Firmware’s.
COBRA v.7.20 added the following changes:

  • Improved access to lv1 at lower addresses with syscall 8(helps dumpers etc)
  • Fixed multiman while maintaining compatibility with my apps and some others (syscall 11)
  • Blocked redirection or overwriting of invalid values to syscall 6,7,9,10
  • Future options support for ps3mapi

COBRA 7.20 Updater

This is what he posted

Hello Playstationhax
Here is an installer/updater Cobra 7.20 CEX package. It’s an easy way to update your custom firmware.
Package is based on XMBM+ installer from Bitsbubba.
Custom firmwares support:
Rogero 4.46 cobra
Rebug 4.75 REX
Rebug 4.76 LITE
Installation notes:
Install with “Install Package Files” and run from XMB.
Select Custom firmware version and accept “yes”.
When done reboot PS3.

COBRA 7.20 Updater

If you are using the latest HABIB 4.76 COBRA 1.00 then you already have COBRA v.7.20 🙂

COBRA v.7.20 Source

There is also a tutorial available on Youtube

A Big Thanks to Joonie, Habib, KW, Dean, Nzv, Aldo,BitsBubba and 0_obeWAN for this release

Source: PlaystationHax

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