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Meet the pi-topCEED a $99 Raspberry pi desktop computer

Most of you know that I love those little raspberry pi’s as there are so many things  you can do with them from computer robotics to simple game emulation and more. Today I came across the pi-topCEED on IndieGoGo and I think it’s a great idea. Their first product was the pi-top: a raspberry pi based laptop. It was very successful so they took their pi-top laptop and turned it into a slimmer form factor and with a smaller price tag.pi-topceed-featuring-the-raspberry-pi-540x334

The idea behind the pi-topCEED is a device that anyone can use to learn, play and create by building hardware and writing software.

pi-topCEED is the world’s most affordable way to use and learn with the Raspberry Pi. It comes ready to plug and play and includes a Raspberry Pi 2 so you can get going straight away, all for just $99!

pi-topCEED is a modular desktop. This means, just like pi-top, when a new Raspberry Pi device gets released you can take your old Rpi out and insert the new one and just like that, you have a brand new desktop!

pi-topCEED Key Features:

It is the perfect product to learn about software, hardware and becoming a real maker. pi-topCEED is shipped with a revolutionary learning platform CEEDuniverse to expand your computer science and maker knowledge.

• An all-in-one $99 Raspberry Pi desktop (first of its kind).

• Plug and Play – no assembly required, includes a Raspberry Pi 2.

• 13.3 inch HD LCD screen.

• SD card pre-loaded with pi-topOS

• Power supply (selection of world wide outlet types) – all backers can choose their country specific requirements after the campaign has ended.

• Multiple viewing / resting positions including wall mount functionality.

• Practical and functional design with forward facing access to the Raspberry Pi.

• Compatible with any USB keyboard / mouse (not included).

• Works with all Raspberry Pi models and most other single board computers.

• Designed for ages 6+ and Raspberry Pi users of all ages.

You can visit their IndieGoGo campaign here and help this become a reality.


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  1. Jürgen, Max, Johann Pogoda

    Dear Madam and Sir,

    Can you show me the “Price” for the “pi-topCEED a $99 Raspberry pi desktop computer” without the Raspberry Pi ? I also have this “Raspberry Pi “B”.

    Best regards

    Jürgen, Max, Johann Pogoda

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