Two Exploits for the PSVita Revealed for FW 3.15 and FW 3.18



(Update: 173210 was successful in getting VHBL to work on KanadeEngel Zettai Hero Project exploit but only for the Japan region. So check out the video below.)

Exploit VHBL version r256 files for JP region only : Download here

Exploit VHBL version r263 files for JP region only : Download here

Yesterday there were 2 exploits revealed for the PSVita firmware 3.15 & 3.18. They came out with the system update that “stabilized” some games (Aka patched exploits Space Invaders Extreme for the EU and JP MyStylist, among other ). One was revealed yesterday since it got patched with this update for the EU region and is supposed to be better than Space Invaders. The other is a simpler and has no function, it only runs the message “Hello World” but it could be modified to run the TN-V or 2.0 ARK menu

The games are:


Z.H.P. (Zettai Hero Project) “
-Type: Usermode (Hello World)
-Version: FW 3.18
price: 19.99 USD
-Category: PSP
Regions: US, EU, JP.
If you look at PSN Online:
JP –
US –
EU –

Exploit VHBL files for JP region only : Download here
(NOTE: Use the OpenCMA R5 to transfer the save as it will tell you that they are damaged OpenCMA.)

Skate Park City - PSP

Skate Park City”
-Type: Usermode VHBL (Homebrews only)
-Version: FW 3.15
price: 6.99 Euros (9.99 USD approx.)
-Category: PSP
Regions: EU.
PSN Online:

EU – Download here

Exploit files VHBL EU only: download here
(NOTE: Use the OpenCMA R5 to transfer the save as it will tell you that they are damaged OpenCMA.)

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  1. wow great, i bought them from ps store before they remove them hope to see TN-V or ARK soon for ps vita 3.18

  2. These exploits had to declare on Wololo, as “Ninja Release”. And what are you done? Too many people were not ready for it. For example I have at the moment is not possible to fill up the electronic purse. Tomorrow SONY remove the game, and all thanks to you