Metal Gear Solid V: How to unlock Quiet


In this section we will see how to unlock Quiet as an ally and Buddy of Big Boss making it available to the deployment.

Meet Quiet

To meet the infallible sniper Quiet you have to carry the MISSION 11. The main mission 11 is automatically unlocked during the fulfillment of the side ops “Establish a contact with Emmerich.”

OPTIONAL: If you do not feel like waiting, you can reach Quiet during the free exploration, the ruins of AABE Shifap but ONLY after passing a mission between 7-8-9 and have built the medical platform on Mother Base.

How to Unlock 

During the mission stay crouched and mark Quiet with the binocuars, then call for a supply launch with the helicopter and chose Quiet location. Do this two times. At the end of Mission 11 you must choose to DO NOTHING, so the sniper will be loaded onto the helicopter along with Big Boss.

Make available Quiet as Buddy

After passing the Main Mission 14 you will unlock the Side Ops Visiting Quiet in his cell on the first floor of the Medical Platform. As you leave the Mother Base Quiet will join Big Boss as shoulder and his skills will be developed depending on the degree of bonding obtained.

Increase the bond level

There are several ways to strengthen relations with the sniper. The following shows what are the best and which ones you should not do, the link with the sniper in fact may even drop preventing you from getting the bonus:

-Bring with you Quiet when you go on a mission.
-Develop Equipment for Quiet.
-Jump on the Helicopter along with Quiet during the escapes from trouble spots.
-Quiet Complete reconnaissance.

-Big Boss inflicts lethal damage to Quiet. NEVER, falls much the bond obtained especially if the damage is extensive.
-Quiet Is seriously injured during missions by enemies. Try not to put the girl in trouble and, if any were needed, come to his aid.

Actions, Uniforms and Weapons

Each new action will be unlocked increase bonding. The link is shown at the end of the mission in the lower left corner from 10 bullet marks in total that are filled according to the level reached. Below is a list of actions that you can give to the sniper in the field, and the number of bullet marks bond required:

0 Fire-Order Quiet firing at the target framed by binoculars or the aims of Big Boss.
0 Talk Quiet- Conversations change to the level of bond achieved.
3 Aim- keeps targeting a goal and awaits orders and actions of Big Boss.
5 Cover me – Quiet covers Big Boss eliminating any threats to sight. You can also ask her to quit cover you.
8 Heist Grenade- The sniper shoots a grenade thrown by Boss sending it straight against the enemy.

The development of new equipment also requires the increase of bond. The link is shown at the end of the mission in the lower left corner from 10 bullet marks in total that are filled according to the level reached. Below is a list of unlockable equipment, along with other requirements, and the number of bullet marks bond required:

2-Butterfly Guilty
3-Uniform Naked Red
4-Butterfly Sinner
6-Butterfly Perversa equipped with silencer
7-Uniform Naked Sil Q
8-Butterfly Guilty equipped with silencer
Uniform 10-Q Naked Gld
10 + Finish HOME MISSION 40-Uniform Naked Gray XOF
10 + Finish HOME MISSION 40-Uniform Sniper Wolf

Also launches supplies for Quiet will not be immediately fully accessible, but you will have to reach at least three bullet markers bond to have a decent package of supplies and to have at least 8 to complete.

Sexy Poses

The woman will change behavior towards Big Boss showing and doing things really sexy, beautiful Quiet is in fact played by Stefanie Joosten who posed for these changes of behavior. The link is shown at the end of the mission in the lower left corner from 10 bullet marks in total that are filled according to the level reached. Below is a list of how they change poses Quiet and the number of bullet marks bond needed to change her:

Poses and gestures that are running Quiet picking her find in his cell on Mother Base:

<3-Quiet assumes a prone position.
3-5-Quiet now also assumes a supine position.
5-8-Quiet even walking towards the wall of the cell.
> 8-Quiet you shower playing with splashing water.

MOVEMENTS OF QUIET in the helicopter
Poses and gestures that Quiet running while you are choosing what to do on the helicopter:

0-Quiet sits and stops.
1-Quiet controls the passenger compartment.
Quiet 2-peeks Big Boss.
3-Quiet looks back.
4-Quiet often crosses his legs.
5-Quiet stretches to the ground.
6-Quiet cross your legs more slowly and in the opposite of the first.
7-Quiet looks out the window.
8-Quiet gets prone and watch Big Boss.
9 + You have to fix the breasts for about ten seconds using the first-person-Quiet gets you to peek and approaches staring insistently.
10 + Stay in the helicopter for at least 5 minutes Quiet-crawling before you.


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