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Vita Decryption keys released!!!

Well, after a LOT of work on the native side of the Vita it seems that we finally have some good stuff for everyone. It’s not really helpful for the end user but it does indeed show that we are able to decrypt some system files on the Vita.



Basically, it proves that the guys working on the Vita have the ability to decrypt system files. What will come of this? I can’t really say. I do know that it’s really cool to see some progress from the native side. It’s gonna be a little while before we see a lot from this but it’s definitely on the right track.

It gives them access to files similar to version.txt that we see in the PSP hacking side. It seems they’re inside the system files now so we can hope that before too terribly long we will see the fruit of their labor. When? I can’t say, nor would I want to speculate.

vita hack

I will say these guys deserve some MAD PROPS for all the hard work they put in. Well, that’s about it. If you want to see the keys then CLICK HERE!!! Thanks for reading and as always… HAPPY GAMING!!!

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  1. Well. If we can get certain localised games with forced American dubs undubbed back to the original Japanese voices, then I’ll be happy.

  2. Something big is waiting…cool

  3. Good job at stopping all the localization goodness we were having just because you want to have a bigger e-peen in the scene, that’s very helpful for the Vita!

  4. Total clickbait. We can’t “decrypt system files”.

    Only index.dat – which is pretty much near useless at the moment.

  5. ss4gogeta069

    I suppose I could’ve said I found the keys on pastebin. lol

    • 1) That was an honest error which was promptly fixed.

      2) Letting people know about how we can “decrypt system files” – when it’s totally false, we can only decrypt ONE SYSTEM FILE – is a total fallacy compared to one silly mistake due to the lack of information.

      • ss4gogeta069

        Trolling trolling trolling…..

      • Like fuck it was a mistake, it was posted by an incompetent piece of shit, who couldn’t write a decent article if his life depended on it.

        It was an immature attack on me, because i made him butt hurt on Twitter.

        If you seriously thing it was a lack of information, then you are a bigger retard than ReRepRep is.

        So shut the fuck up and worry about the useless cunt writers on Wololo 🙂

        • reprep is currently our most active writer. He’s far from useless – and neither is he incompetent.

          I do not see how being confused of the source is a personal attack on you – do you think that everything revolves around you personally?

          • LOL he is your most active writer, if that means he is the best, then all of the writers on Wololo are fucking morons…
            Well sorry that isn’t the case, TheZ and Wololo pawn the shit out of anything that RepRep writes, being the most active does not make you the best.

            Also like i said on Twitter, you do not understand the back story, you do not understand what has transpired between RepRep and i, instead you butt in and talk shit and look like the dumb bastard you are.

            Now i know you are a fucking moron, so i can understand why your dumb ass is finding it hard to understand or catch on hoe what RepRep did was not a mistake.

            It was pointed out NUMEROUS fucking times that the damn source of the keys and who created the keys was posted on Twitter by people RepRep follow, so like i said, shut the gfuck up and go over and pretend to moderate a forum on Wololo’s site.

            How many retards does it take to moderate /Talk ?

          • Nice. Very nice.

            Giving my own opinion and view on something makes me a “dumb retard”. That really says something about you, doesn’t it.

          • Kids, kids, you’re both…. Just awful…

  6. Will this lead to VitaTV getting fixed sooner?

  7. hackinformer

    it can lead to a lot of other things but one thing at a time. Baby steps..

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