Total_Noob back on the scene with PS1 sound and TN-V9..

This is Total_Noob second, third or even this fourth comeback?

Here are a few word’s from total_noob himself

“I used to leave the scene often, but I had never got a good reason if I am honest…I hadn’t got time or I just got bored.
But this time, something sad had happened in my family and I thought I wouldn’t have enough strength to work for the scene, so I decided to leave you with the last update TN-V8.
I have been in a hole in my life for a short time, but I was stronger than I thought and I could climb up the hole and here I am again. And as usually, every time I came back I also brought something great to you guys.

What can it be this time, heh? PS1 games with sound.
I have to admit, I was wrong with my statement about the PEOPS SPU plugin. I used to say that it is going to run at 5 FPS and this is completely wrong, it was a stupid thesis.

You all have surely heard about the ‘PEOPS plugin’ by Coldbird. This is the most brilliant idea ever guys. Here is his proof of concept 2 years ago.

The main idea of PEOPS SPU plugin is simple:
As the ME CPU isn’t emulated in the PSPEMU, which is responsible for SPU emulation, we have to redirect the SPU calls (register write, DMA, XA processing) to the PEOPS SPU plugin and let it do the job for us. It sounds pretty simple, but the problem is, we have to find these callbacks in the pops module by Sony, which is pretty huge! It requires reverse engineering skills, experience and time.

Coldbird has given me his POC a long time ago, but sadly I could never have his plugin working.
Two weeks ago, I decided to write the plugin on my own and now I’ve nearly finished it. Most of the time I spent with reversing parts of the pops module, because primarily, the module must be understood, before any custom codes can be inject.

Anyways, I don’t think you’re interested in what I am blabbering here. So I show you a video now, just watch and listen carefully to the beautiful sound in Tekken 3. Enjoy:

I know, I know, it’s awesome. But still there are quiet some bugs to fix. There are many games which don’t have any sound effects yet or some sounds do always repeat (which sounds quiet funny haha xD)

But whenever it is done, the PEOPS SPU plugin will get shipped together with 6.60 TN-V9.

Donate me if you want to support the 6.60 TN-V9 development. … id=8158859

If you’re interested in how the PEOPS SPU plugin looks like, check this impressive work out here:

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