3DS: Emunand and eShop access on FW 9.6.0-24


If you have read up on gateway ultra 3ds lately you might know the struggle of 9.6.0-24. However, what if i told you there is way to get access to emunand and eshop without a flashcart! That’s right no gateway required for these functions, all thanks to 3DS dev Roxas75. RXTools is a game changer and can offer alot.

  • rxMode, free 3DS custom firmware
  • CTR Titles Decryption
  • Title Keys Decryption
  • Xorpad Generation
  • NAND Dumping
  • NAND Partitions Decryption/Injection
  • NAND FAT16 Xorpad Generation
  • System Titles Dumping
  • NAND Files Dumping/Injecting, for various hacks/mods
  • Full and free EmuNAND support, up to the latest version, 9.6.0-24
  • Access to the eShop and to online playing (requires an updated emuNAND)
  • Support for 100% of the games (newer ones will require emuNAND)
  • Support for sysNAND, in case an emuNAND is not found

3DS with firmware 2.0 – 9.2 are supported and as of now the NEW 3DS is not supported but is planned 🙂 I’ll keep you posted when the latest and greatest is supported. At the moment it doesn’t patch signature checks, so no piracy or homebrews. Also, Ninjhax will not work while in rxMode  Roxas75 has an official website all the stuff you need. I do not recommend downloading from untrusted third party sources.  http://www.rxtools.net/#!home

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