CTurt releases part 3 of his Hacking the PS4 & decides to end his research on the PS4

As you all know CTurt achieved Kernel access on FW1.76 and below a 2 weeks ago and since then teased us with some new things he found and following after that he now posted part 3 of his Hacking the PS4 write up. Here’s what he said that describes really well what that post is and for which persons it’s gonna be of use:

I’ve recently been getting a lot of unwanted attention from people pleading me to release a “CFW” or “Jailbreak” so that they can pirate video games on their PS4.
I want to make very clear that I’ve primarily been doing this research as a learning exercise because I have a passion for InfoSec. This is partly the reason why I’ve tried to take a such an open approach; and I’m very grateful to hear whenever another aspiring security analyst tells me that they have found these articles helpful.
But if this doesn’t describe you, and you just want to install a “CFW” on your console, these articles won’t interest you; don’t bother reading any further.

For developers, this is rather interesting because they can now also mess with the PS4 even though CTurt didn’t provide all the information because of being scared of it being used for piracy. If you want to read it you can find his post here.

cturt ps4

I’m really interested what will be done with this information and how many people will be crying “Give CFW please” or the incorrect term “Give PS4 jailbreak please”. I hope that it will take a long time until a CFW gets released or if then only one that allows homebrew and not piracy and aimbots or other online game hacks. I would also like to know what you think about this so please leave a comment what you think about what will maybe happen next and if you would like to see a CFW on PS4 anytime soon 🙂

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  1. No offense bu the author of the hack himself calls it a Jailbreak, so why would you say it’s an incorrect term? See on Wololo: http://wololo.net/2015/12/18/cturt-publishes-ps4-kernel-exploit-technical-details-decides-to-end-hacking-research-on-ps4/

  2. Either way it seems he chicken out because of the upcoming hackers that are planning to anger sony and ms. Being brought to court on a court order over claims of the obvious is not worth the time of day for any cfw or manipultion jailbreak.

  3. Got plenty of homebrew enabled devices and TBH there hasn’t been a lot of “groundbreaking” work on them so I am not put out at all not seeing this go any further. CFW ruined online for me with the PS3 so I am not in any hurry to see this for the PS4. Games are cheap enough and plentiful on the system.

  4. Like I said on Wololo, ending his research here seems like it’ll cause another Gateway 3DS to happen.

  5. do you think the exploit will work higher than 1.76

  6. lets watch and see what’s happens next in the ps4 scene

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