PS4 Infamous: First Light DLC Review


 I really dig inFAMOUS First Light. Despite all of these distractions, Sucker Punch has managed to deliver a whole new chapter to the InFamous saga. First Light (poetically titled following Second Son) is DLC which follows Abigail “Fetch” Walker, who was briefly introduced alongside the last title’s protagonist, Delsin Rowe.

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While not quite as sensational as Delsin, Fetch is a more troubled and darker character – homeless from a young age, she is a resilient survivor who has lived a life filled with violence, crime, and drugs – even being an ex-junkie herself. It seems better than inFAMOUS Second Son because, you don’t have that annoying chose good and bad deal. I also prefer Abigail aka Fetch, her back story and shes more relatable. Delsin was cool but his cheesy one liners got old fast.

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Fetch, can also use pockets of neon gas scattered around Seattle to add extra acceleration to her frenetic shenanigans making it a dizzying thrill ride for the player during many of the missions. So besides escaping the police and agents, riding shotgun on top of a trucks as an enforcer, stopping drive-by shootings, attacking DUP drones, sniping Russian mobsters and hunting down drug thugs, expect about four hours of action. Further more, the mission-based story, set within the confines of a beautifully recreated Seattle (complete with plenty of rainy landscapes), keeps the player busy with plenty of optional side projects.

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inFAMOUS First Light™_20140902162158

 It really set a precedent for Sucker Punch to never disappoint with its superhero and super villain universe, even with simply a $15 dollar game. So it’s Way worth playing and you don’t even need inFAMOUS second son to play. 



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