Frist look at the Stargate 3DS Flashcart

A few weeks ago we talked about another flash cart for the 3DS that popped up (really late in the game) called the Stargate 3DS. Now the Stargate 3DS does have an impressive set of features and compatible with all console models and versions. This includes the N2DSXL as well, not only that but also NDS with DS mode GUI menu, ntrboothax / magnethax, GBA, NES, and SNES emulation. Stargate 3DS is fully upgradable and will work on FW 11.6 without the need to mess with your system. You just plug and play as they say but why so late in the game when CFW will take of all your needs and now with the new R4i its kind of useless but I can see some people would rather use this when CFW.

The Stargate 3DS is getting closer to a public launch, which they expected mid-October  2017,  so here’s the first look at some of their so-called exclusive features in the video below.

  We will  release more  info and features in the weeks to come before it is available for retail. Please  note if you are due to receive a sample, we expect to ship them around the end of the month. We will send you an email with your tracking number as soon as we do.

Stargate  3DS  is the ultimate  3DS  flash cart. There is simply nothing it doesn’t  do.  It includes  all the features, functions etc. from all existing solutions in one simple to use the device. Users who purchase a Stargate 3DS will simply never need anything else.

So what do you think about this new flash cart and do you think it’s too late in the game for this type of flash cart when CFW is so easy to install nowadays or do you think some people would rather have a simple Flash cart like this. Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. So how does it do cheats (like Gateway)?

  2. I may pick one up for the sake of collecting, but I’m honestly not very impressed. I guess the game switching IS pretty fast, but that’s one of the few pros I see about it.

    In my personal opinion, this just seems like a card for those who can’t be f****d to install CFW (which really isn’t that hard to do). I am not an advocate for piracy, but if you want to engage in it, there’s really nothing more user friendly than a 3DS with Luma installed and running freeShop. As for NDS games go, there’s always TWLoader (or purchasing an R4i Gold 3DS RTS) for running those. So I don’t see what’s so amazing about Stargate… And while we’re still on the subject, why is ntrboot a “feature” of Stargate? Any 3DS can use ntrboot, so am I missing something here?

    Like I’ve echoed in a different comment, it just seems like a glorified Sky3DS. Seriously, where’s the killer features? Are they just holding back? Because Gateway actually had a custom GUI for launching 3DS games, it’s own Gateway menu with various features, etc.. Oh, and of course the Gateway “brick” feature for anyone who dared insert a Gateway clone into their system. That was cool. -_-

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