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[Release] Mandatory PS4 FW 1.76 Update


Ps4 owners can rest easy tonight knowing their systems are more “stable” than last night. Of course Sony teases us with themes for firmware 2.00 yesterday, and releases more mandatory crap today. My question is, what happened to being able to update your PS4 via remote play?

If Sony pushes one of these shit “stability” updates while you are on holiday, guess what? Kiss remote play goodbye. I’m not sure at what point Playstation decided to was more “stable” to force users to update via their console rather than remote play, but I consider this a pretty big deal. 90% of my PS4 gaming is done via remote play and ‘if’ I were to lose this ability day 2 of a 10 day vacation, I’d be more than pissed.

So what gives Sony? WTF was so important that you had to tease us with 2.0 and push 1.76 the very next day?


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