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Sony Says No To Buggy Infested PS4 Consoles

No Insect Allowed To Be Shipped With PS4


It is understandable to expect there to be some issues with the new PS4 consoles requiring it to be  shipped back to Sony HQ for repairs. There are several reasons why you may want to send your Playstation 4 back to Sony, but there is one particularly funny issue Sony have listed to not include when sending back your Playstation 4 for repairs.

A PS4 owner by the name of I_Regularly_Lurk  had recently got his shipment box to return his Playstation 4 for repairs and while he was looking through the service pre-packing checklist, he came across this image of a bug with the words “Insect Infested Consoles,” as part of the do not pack or ship items.

We suspect that the engineers at Sony Playstation are more than fed up of discovering these little creepy crawlers nesting inside broken PS3 systems and have decided to inform gamers in advance.

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