PS4 Custom Firmware in the works??

Well looks like the time has come for some CFW on the PS4 according to the guy’s over at tsiserver. Now let’s take this with a pinch of salt like all things on the net as this could be real or fake. I like to believe that its real but you know how things are on the net, until there’s hardcore proof of it. The last person I remember being able to get into the debug setting of the PS4 was skfu back around 1.76/2.00FW and if you remember the 2.50 beta were skfu showed everyone how to install it, even if you weren’t in the PS4 beta program.PS4 DEVKIT

So it looks like the people over at have come up with a way to use their CFW on the PS4 2.50 beta and unlike all other CFW, this looks like it more for developing homebrew or even an indie game without having a dev license from Sony. At the moment, they are working on some type of downgrader but there’s no other info on this and like I said before take this with a pinch of salt. I also reach out to talk with anyone at tsiserver but no response yet, here’s what they had to say about their project.

PS4 CFW                                        (Still online with 2.xx a year later)

It’s been a year, and we finally have CFW working on 2.50’s Beta. We manage to be able to install PKGs and run them without authorization.

We are now opening up sign-ups to pick a few selected members to test the CFW.

This CFW only removes the authorization of PKGs, it does not allow installation of Pirated Games. If you are a developer, you can test your Game/App on a retail console with this firmware.

This CFW is intended for developers to create PS4 software to promote their games, we have removed all PSN/SEN features due to installing this firmware violates the terms and conditions of accessing such features.

Downgrade to this firmware is under development, we currently only offer this update to a selected amount of people, and we don’t intend to make it public anytime soon. The only way to receive this CFW is to sign up. Which we then review your details to determine if you are a suitable fit to teat this CFW.

We at TSISERVER do not endorse illegal activity with our services. By signing up, your information will be kept confidential, and you agree to receive periodic emails from us. At any time, you can revoke your membership, however this information must stay confidential.

You can check them out below..

Thank’s for the tip lanabr

So what do you think about this, is it just more internet bullshit or could it be real. Let us know in the comments below?


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  1. 😀
    A licensed company, that do official apps and software for Sony (which should also explain the debug settings, if i would only eat a single line of it ^^ ), says in public that they have a CFW and that they will share with so called “trusted” developers. Uhmm…..yea..well i don’t know in which world you guys life but in my world there will be for sure NO company or dev that is officialy and lincensed working on Sony devices that will do something like this.
    Click on the AboutUs link and read what they write about them self…

    • Are you referencing that this is a scam? Or that we are paid by SCEI to log a list of users to ban them?

      I’m curious now, lol.

    • Are you inferring that we are crazy??? Or that this is a set-up to collect a ban list for SCEI as well as throwing people into a goose chase?

      Or am I just not reading this correctly.

  2. why you changed the site and removed this nice AboutUs link ? 😉

    i talk about this here:

    “About Us
    Tactician Studios is a small software developer team. We at the studio believe in making successful software day in and out, and we are striving to make our consumers happy.

    TSISERVER is a for-profit website created for our consumers and our partners, even though everyone can access our site for free. We would like to thank GoogieHost for hosting our website. And we also thank Microsoft, for our backup cloud servers.

    We at Tactician Studios appreciate our partner’s services offered to us, and we are always interested in new partnership opportunities.

    Our History

    Before Tactician Studios, our founders Mike Hamilton and Katy Pillman were both going on there own franchises of “MikeHam98” and “GTAWWEKID”. Both franchises were successful at there work, and in March of 2013, Mike and Katy came together with a few others to create a piece of software for Sony’s PlayStation(R)3. As the months went by, the others left the team, and the software was never released. Soon after, Katy signed a partnership contract for Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation Mobile Platform. Tactician Studios started to fall under Katy’s ownership and she took the handle. Shortly after a year of development, Katy released her first commercial software in June of 2014, Virtual Terminal. It was published under her franchise name of GTAWWEKID, however had Tactician Studio branding all over the software. This initial release was a huge success on the PlayStation Vita, selling over a thousand licenses without effort. Creating a small profit of $800USD, it was a spark for Tactician Studios to get off the ground.

    Shortly after the release of Virtual Terminal, Mike walked out of Tactician Studios. He never stated why he did, but since then the team hasn’t truly had communication with him. As for the others, the only one who has stuck to the Tactician Studios name has been Katy Pillman.

    Career Opportunities

    Tactician Studios is always interested in collecting new people to our team. Currently we operate fully through the internet offering anyone and everyone to be part of our team. We work at our own homes, on our own hardware. However, this has some complications at times, we push through the struggles to make it all work out.

    For artist, we suggest they already have software such as Photoshop and Maya, as we prefer experienced artist. As well as programmers to already have Visual Studio IDEs. We do offer licensing to our team members, yet we only offer licenses from a time-to-time basis. We do however offer Unity software to all our team members, but limit the software to just creation without the ability to build for platforms such as Xbox or PlayStation. We are strict when it comes to out partner’s confidential software. We do not offer their software to our team members. We as a software development team, need to fulfill our duty to protect our partner’s confidentiality, and we take all measures possible to do such. If a team member has significant trust within our organization, we offer them an NDA to use our partner’s software tools. Otherwise, the final project is created by the owner of Tactician Studios who has the appropriate tools and authority to do such.

    If you are interested in joining the team, please email the owner, Katy Pillman”

    ^^ 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    now after i have told it on the web to some peoples, you or you guys (how ever) removed it and changed the site. oh we got hacked meh meh meh XD

    that does all really look super duber serious, really…