First native NES emulator for PS Vita released

I present you NES4Vita, another native emulator for PS Vita after Chip-8 and Atari Lynx. This time, we’re emulating NES!


Funny thing is that this is already a third way we can play our beloved NES classics on PS Vita. What are the other two? Well, the first is ePSP (via VHBL or eCFW), and the second, which you may have forgotten about, is a PSX NES emulator called imbNES (abbreviation for It Might Be NES).

Let’s get back to NES4Vita.
The emulator is based on libretro QuickNES core. It was mostly made by SMOKE (his 1st native Vita homebrew), with a big help of xerpi (FTPVita, VITA-8) and frangarcj (HandyVITA).

In the current state, NES4Vita runs at full speed without sound, and has sprite problems and occasionally crashes, although mine hasn’t crashed while I was testing it. This is obviously not ideal, but the emulator is still in early development. Also, not many roms have been tested. If you find one that doesn’t work, report to SMOKE.

So, how to use it? Rename the NES rom you want to play to “rom.nes”, then transfer this rom to cache0:/VitaDefilerClient/Documents/rom.nes using FTPVita.
After that, run NES4Vita.velf by dropping it on run_homebrew.bat.

Progress Update:

Download NES4Vita v0.2 BETA

Download NES4Vita
GitHub repo

If you are here to say stuff like “we want real homebrews” or “where is PS2 emu”, please leave. Rejuvante wasn’t made for end-users in the first place. Be patient…or you can always learn to code. 🙂

All released native Vita homebrews can be found at Vita Dev Wiki.

That’s all from me, see you next time.


About Jiri

Journalism student at Charles University in Prague who likes to write about video games and hacking. I mostly play on PS Vita and PC.

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  1. Awesome!!! This is great that this progress is finally happening, I cant wait until rejuvenate becomes standard like PSP cfw!

    • you know how to do it? if you know please tell me step by step how to put emulator on psvita thankyou very much

  2. *A year later* PS VITA cfw 6.50

  3. “rom.nes”, then transfer this rom to cache0:/VitaDefilerClient/Documents/rom.nes using FTPVita.
    i dnt know how to use FTPvita can u explain please

  4. Totally tits! Why aren’t any of these emulators running fullscreen though?