iSSB Smash Brothers

If you grew up loving smash brothers like I did then you’ve got to see this mobile version created by Luis Finke. Some of the controls are a bit difficult to use on touch screens due to the combination of attacks. Currently there are six characters Sonic, Ichigo, Pikachu, Link, Fox, and Mario. This game is available on Luis Finke Github and BigBoss Repo on Cydia.smash brothers

iSSB supports all  iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch on iOS 5 and above. iSSB hasn’t been optimized for newer devices which will display black sidebars so stay tunes for future updates.




  • six playable characters
  • Five playable stages
  • Bluetooth Multiplayer Support
  • Six usable items
  • Group and Training mode
  • Time and Stock battle modes
  • Options support
  • Custom FPS


This game is still in beta and has a few bugs still left to be worked on

  • Thin white line on screen
  • Small map glitches
  • No full 16:9 display yet

Broken Physics site has alternate builds for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web browser.

Download iSSB 2.21 apk (link  has been fixed sorry about that)

iSSB is currently going through a rewrite with some major improvements you view their site here at Broken Physics.

With the recent Vita home-brew coming out I’d love to see a port of this.

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