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Is VR gimmick or future of gaming??

I haven’t seen so many companies release similar products since the old days of multiple console releases/Gaming Crash of 1983. This is generally considered a good and bad thing for the consumer. It’s great to have competition but it’s bad when you invest your product selection and it bites the …

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Homido present sub-$100 VR at CES 2016

In the light of European success with more than 100k units sold. French startup Homido showed their smartphone-based VR products at CES 2016 during their first major U.S. debut. Homido is one of the top players in the European VR scene with their affordable VR headsets. The original Homido is available for …

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Oculus Rift pre orders to start on January 6th

The American company Oculus VR today made an announcement regarding the preorders of its virtual reality headset Oculus Rift. Oculus VR’s Kickstarter campaign for Rift in 2012 received a sensational response and raised more than $2.4 mil. In March of 2014, the company became a subsidiary of Facebook. Today at 8am, the article …

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