Is VR gimmick or future of gaming??


I haven’t seen so many companies release similar products since the old days of multiple console releases/Gaming Crash of 1983. This is generally considered a good and bad thing for the consumer. It’s great to have competition but it’s bad when you invest your product selection and it bites the dust. So many companies back in the day are no longer gaming and for good reasons. How would you feel if you had to choose between 20 different gaming consoles today? Would you be afraid of your VR investment meeting the fate of Atari? It would seem too many people are getting greedy and this will not play out well in the end. Keep in mind there are over 16 different companies trying to make it into the VR business. It doesn’t matter how many preorders and numbers a VR unit can make. All we have to do is look at the previous generation add-ons. The memory of the 32X is still very vivid in the minds of many of people.


Both Sony and Microsoft released their own version of motion control devices. They were trying to emulate the success of the Wii motion controls. Both Sony and Microsoft had great sales with PlayStation Move and Kinect. Yet both products are now found in outlets and had no break-thru software for them. No wants them and people even forced Microsoft to remove it from Xbox One entirely. Playstation Move was lurk warm at best and everyone was quick to see this product was garbage. They met the fate of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band controllers and games. Some retailers even refused to buy back your motion control products and controllers. It was a disaster and no one was happy to see their investment lose all its value so quickly. From this you can understand without compelling software nothing will survive. At the moment, no major developing studios seem to have faith in this product and here are prime examples

  • Activision
  • Bethesda
  • Bungie
  • Deep Silver
  • Epic Games
  • Rockstar
  • TellTale

All these companies will be watching from the sidelines and see if VR will sink or float. They have no confidence in VR, otherwise, they wouldn’t allow other companies to steal their thunder. If this was the future why would they not capitalize on this platform and reel in the money? VR has been discussed and announced for awhile now. All these companies had plenty of time to get ready at least a tech demo but have not done anything. The biggest complaint I see from the current generation is the overload of indie titles and hardly any worthwhile AAA releases. There is no VR software worth playing at the moment. Yet all these companies are selling their products at ridiculous prices and as a consumer, you should wise up. The combined costs of all VR headsets to work and function are not in an affordable price range for new adopters. Each one will not independently work without needing another device/accessory. You are buying merely an addon and you’re too blind to see the shady practices going on here. These companies aren’t your friend, they want your money and you shouldn’t be so willing to throw away your earnings so quickly.


Smartphone makers benefit from the current competition for several reasons. They are high in demand and phones have become more than a luxury now. They are now necessary while gaming consoles/handhelds are not. All carriers now offer upgrade plans to switch up their devices to consumers every six months. They could simply bundle a VR experience with little money down and that’s something the competition can’t offer. Smarphones are bringing in more money than PlayStation and Microsoft combined. Not to mention they have a bigger market to tap into since everyone else is ignoring it completely. Smartphones also retain their value for much longer periods and you know your can always count on a better return rate than anyone else currently. All Smartphones makers have to do is simply mainstream VR into their products and that’s a huge audience to sell software to.

There are about 2 Billion smartphone users in the world with expected to rise to 6 Billion by 2020.

Console makers don’t even come close to these numbers and if VR is a success, Smartphones already have a hold of everyone and show no signs of slowing down. Their business practices are so good even console makers are slowly introducing them to their user base. You can complain all you want but eventually, you will give in and IAP will be the norm. Games now are basically $100+ and collector editions are just extorting you for more money. You are even told buying season passes are made to save you money!!!! Don’t think for a second VR software will be cheap and not try to squeeze out every penny you have left. In the end, it’s your choice what you do with your money but think about this article. I’m not here to get you angry but present a non-bias opinion. Too many people are buying into the hype because marketing literally blindsided them. It would be smart to watch the dogs fight and pick the survivor if you’re truly want to experience VR.


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  1. VR has always been a gimmick over the decades.
    I saw it first time playing Descent and Whiplash (DOS games, third party bundle kit)
    I saw it again in Win98 (glasses came with asus board, supported many DX games, I played Mechwarrior)
    This is the third time this come around (for me, maybe I missed one cycle).
    Why would this time be different?

  2. hackinformer

    I agree with you on that.. Just a gimmick but would probably blow up if it was in the porn scene. lmao.

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