Homido present sub-$100 VR at CES 2016

In the light of European success with more than 100k units sold. French startup Homido showed their smartphone-based VR products at CES 2016 during their first major U.S. debut.


Homido is one of the top players in the European VR scene with their affordable VR headsets. The original Homido is available for $79.99/€69.99, and Homido mini, which launched in December, is available for $14.99/€14.99.

Using the Homido Center app (free-to-download at Google Play/App Store), players have an instant access to more than 1,000 VR apps and games.

“When Oculus first made its debut, we realized that most of a VR headset was already in everyone’s pocket,” says Raphael Seghier, co-founder of Homido. “So why make them buy all that equipment again, when all they need are the frame and lenses? Using smartphones for VR just makes sense.”


original Homido headset

Homido already has its next product, Homido V2, on the way. It should be built on the original Homido with several improvements, such as more comfortable face contacts, a capacitive button similar to Google Cardboard, better image adjustments and a frame that centers your phone into the optimal position on its own. It’s also expected that it will offer a better support to the new iPhone 6+, which is problematic due to its size.

Neither the release date nor the price of Homido V2 are known at the moment.

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  1. I’ll have to look into this. The only thing I’m thinking about when it comes to VR is how expensive it’s going to be and if that alone will make it fail and try again like 10 years later.

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