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Hardware Review: PRODIGY (Capture Device) from Behar Bros

In a first for our little site out in this distant corner of the world wide web, we’re going to cover the PRODIGY from Behar Bros. We’re going to attempt to do it justice and you’re going to learn a lot today. So let’s talk all about this new capture …

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Sony adds download feature to some PlayStation Now games!

The PlayStation Now service has just got a little more interesting with the streaming service now offering the ability to download PS2 and PS4 games onto the Consoles. This is a welcoming addition to the struggling service since not everyone’s internet connection is fast enough to be able to stream video …

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How to use the new NicoNico app on your Nintendo Switch

Up until about a week ago, the Nintendo Switch was limited to just games. You all know what I mean by this, there were absolutely no apps. There was no internet browser app, no content streamers like Netflix, heck, there wasn’t even a forecast app like the Wii had! But …

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