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HowTo: Softmod an OG Xbox the *New/Easier* Way with ENDGAME.

A new way to mod the original XBOX. That means no more worrying about buying exploit games. No more worrying about if your disc drive is functional. No more worrying about whether or not you have a friend with one already modded. No, I’m instead going to tell you about …

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Seedminer for 2DS/3DS-Softmod for Installing CFW on Any Firmware!

If you read the title, don’t worry, you weren’t being clickbaited here! There is finally a more conventional way of getting a 3DS/2DS modded with a custom firmware now instead of a flashcart. Yes, that method still and will always work. But this method doesn’t require that you buy a …

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How to Softmod the Sega Saturn to play imports & backup games

This permanent soft mod method for the Sega Saturn called Pseudo Saturn took almost a decade to make, so what is it. It’s basically a modded Action Replay/GameShark/Memory card plus cartridge that will boot backup games and imports without using the swap trick and damaging discs or the system. Think …

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