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Hardware Review: GBHD Advance from Gamebox Systems

In today’s review we’re taking a look at a product from Gamebox Systems. The product in question? A consolized GBA (AGB-001) known as the GBHD Advance. I’m so excited to share my thoughts with you. But first, let’s dig into the product description and an unboxing video! Description: No emulation. …

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Review: Pearl GBA Shells from RetroSix

The last review we have from the big box of fun from RetroSix are Pearl Game Boy Advance shells. I know that “Pearl” seems ambiguous and could mean a couple of different things. So we’re going to not only discuss what it means for the shells, but so much more. …

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Review: Glass GB Screens from RetroSix

Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the many things that was sent to us for review from RetroSix. Back in early March, we had covered a full shell replacement for the GBA from them. If you’d like to read about that beauty, just click here. In this …

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